Carefully serving fresh food

provided by the clean sea.

take in The sea

Shinil Fisheries BringingPositive Changes to the Sea
We believe that our base is always in the sea, and contributing to the sea is the most important thing Shinil Fisheries has to do. I think that is the way to achieve sound development of Shinil Fisheries and the sea.

for People

Shinil Fisheries respecting people
Shinil Fisheries is made up of people. This is because people grow through work, become valuable talents of Shinil, and can lead to the development of society.
  • The joyof freshfood
  • Managementthat respectspeople
  • Creationof newvalue

for Future

Shinil heading towards a new future
Shinil Fishery, which has grown by taking on new challenges without being afraid, does not settle for the present and prepares for new challenges again.
Fresh food provided by the clean sea